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Today is the first day we will not be able to visit Ben-Ben.  The road conditions that Hurricane Irene have created are too dangerous for us to traverse them to the Brigham.

So this is the first time we’ve had to stay home in the last two weeks and finally clean and sift through the mess of our apartment.  It has only hit us this morning how much love and support you all have provided for us during this both happy and trying time in our lives.  From the supportive emails to the hilarious texts and phone calls and postcards to the incredibly generous gifts you’ve sent, you have all been amazing, and we can’t even express how touched we are.  Truly, thank you from the three of us.

Though Ben-Ben has yet to encounter his many possessions at home (which by the way already outnumber what Lawrence and I own for just ourselves), he has already been meeting some of his new toys.  His blue bear and purple sock monkey decided to play Cops and Robbers, with the blue bear choking the sock monkey (thanks to our nurse with a good sense of humor) while Ben was blindfolded (1) to protect his eyes from the blue bili-lights and (2) to play along as an innocent bystander.

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