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Rooting Injustice

“That’s just cruel.”

That was the response our primary nurse had to Lawrence when she heard him laughing at Ben-Ben.  He had been kangaroo-ing with Ben-Ben this weekend when, as usual, Ben-Ben began rooting.  It probably takes Ben anywhere from 5-15 minutes to make his way to Lawrence’s nipple.  In the past, he has gotten to Lawrence’s nipple, attempted a meal, come up short, and just put his head down to rest.  But now that he’s either got more energy or has developed more of a sense of injustice, he cries, loudly, when he gets there and comes up empty-mouthed.

The part that our nurse probably found particularly cruel was Lawrence’s watching him root since it is as if he were waiting for the punch line of Ben rooting and getting nothing in return for his efforts.  Having witnessed this happen, I must say that it was pretty funny.  But since we are supposed to be responsible parents now, it’s probably best not to induce a sense of trauma in Ben, at least this early.


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