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Archive for October, 2011

New England Weekend

Two weekends ago, we went apple and pumpkin picking with Lola Peppy and Lolo Rico to enjoy a lovely New England weekend.  We had the intent of buying lots of apples and pumpkins, but we found the pumpkins too expensive and found that we couldn’t buy any less than a bushel of apples, which was [...]

Benig is Hungry

When rooting, it appears Benig will try to eat anything, including tatay’s face. Your browser does not support the video tag


Post-feed hiccoughs are still a sign of distress for Ben, according to the Early Intervention occupational therapists who visited him last week (as are sneezes and finger splaying). But he’s still so cute when he does any of those things. We realize this is a bit of a redundant post, but we just got a [...]

bringing benig home

how sweet it was to bring ben home!

He’s Home!

It’s been a week and a half now of having Ben home.  As our nurse warned us they would be, our days are even fuller than when we had to make time to visit the NICU, but in a much more joyful, exciting, amusing, and amazing way.  They’ve been so full that we haven’t had [...]

first bath

mom gave benig a bath for the first time this weekend.  he got pretty slippery — like a wet frog she said.

NG tube out!

Ben ripped his NG tube out for the fifth and last time about four days ago.  He’s been feeding solely by bottle ever since!

Our Little Big Burper

In the middle of feeding a preemie a bottle of milk, one is supposed to pause the feed to burp the preemie. I think the rationale is to get out any air that he/she swallowed to make room for more milk and to make him/her more comfortable for the rest of the feeding.  Also, it [...]