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Archive for November, 2011

This is Only the Beginning

I can almost hit an overhead. Also, my family is crazy. Daddy made the tennis ball mobile himself after learning that Andre Agassi’s dad made one for him as a baby. Mommy, Lola Neneng, Ninang Anna and Ninang Steph all supported the idea. I have no protection.

Mood Swings with Ninang Diche


It’s getting harder to hold Benig’s cheeks when you burp him. There’s just too much to hold.

Life is Hard

I cannot stand to play with this toy anymore.

Benig Sleeps Like Frankenstein

I don’t think I can hold my arms out when I am awake the way Benig does when he sleeps. It almost seems deliberate; Lola Neneng can’t guide his arms anywhere else! Your browser does not support the video tag