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Archive for December, 2011

Santa Benig’s First Christmas

Lola Neneng, Ninang Anna, Ninang Lisa, Lolo Rico, Lola Peppy, and Ninang Steph all came to our home in Somerville to help Benig celebrate his first Christmas.  Unclear if he enjoyed his roll as Santa Benig; he wasn’t too thrilled to fulfill his duty of handing out presents… …or about being a gift himself. He [...]

Picked up at the store …

Benig’s Ninong Ardi sent him some Christmas presents from Canada.  We used one to gift Benig to himself.

Benig Gets Baptized

This Sunday, Benig was baptized at the MIT Chapel.  We were fortunate to have our immediate family and close friends there since, as usual, we scheduled this big event at the last minute.  Benig even wore Barong Tagolog baptismal garb for his baptism.

New Playground

Thanks to Ninang Lisa, my Christmas gift came early! I love it!

Santa Benig

Santa Benig made his first appearance today at an Armenian Church Christmas Bazaar in Cambridge.  He was the hit of the bazaar, receiving several complements on his stylish outfit.  The highlight for Santa Benig was meeting his mentor; he could barely contain his excitement.

No Love for Tini

Our neighbors’ cat, Tini, has a fascination with Benig. Benig does not seem to be returning the love. Your browser does not support the video tag

Tummy Time = Floor Time

Today I started rolling from front to back!  Mom and Dad usually keep me on the bed or table, but with my new skill, I now have to play on my puzzle-piece mat on the floor. No chronic traumatic encephalopathy for me!

Caught Red-handed