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Sleeping Benig

Throughout his 6 months of life, Benig has been training to win the sleep Olympics.  I project on him, “Put me anywhere, Mommy, and I can go to sleep!” Week 33 in the NICU on Daddy’s Chest 1 week old, while on pumpkins At 4 weeks old, on the lunch table under a glaring puffin [...]


Benig has recently ventured into the world of solids, i.e., rice cereal flakes soaked in mother’s milk.  The first night, February 23, he mainly spit out each spoonful.  He seemed interested, but wasn’t sure what to do with solid food.  It ended with Benig in a crying fit as each spoonful seemed to only tease [...]


Benig has recently shown an interest in reading.  Or well, looking at very colorful books. And only sometimes.


Poor Benig doesn’t know that he’s about to be eaten by his zombie father who has built up his trust over the last 6 months.

Lola and Lolo and Lola

Benig (and his parents) are lucky that his grandparents love him so much!  Lolo Rico and Lola Neneng alternate weeks helping us take care of Benig during the week so that he doesn’t have to attend daycare yet and be exposed to kids’ germs that could lead to illnesses that would be particularly trying for [...]

Signs Benig is Falling Asleep

Lately, Benig’s sleepy time signs include having both arms up over his head while he is lying down. He’s sucking on the sleeve of one arm, either because he’s used to sucking on my pj’s when he is falling asleep on my chest or he simply cannot be bothered to bend his elbow to suck [...]

Morning Routine

After feeding, Benig’s morning routine during family breakfast time includes sitting in the Bumbo, spit up, and playing with toys! Your browser does not support the video tag

Typical Day

A typical day for Benig: Wakes up at 8-9AM for his first feed, usually during breakfast. Then plays with Lolo Rico or Lola Neneng, whoever is here for the week to be with him while Lawrence and I are at work/school. Then he’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood, to Shaw’s at Porter Square [...]


Lawrence bought Benig this beautiful toy fire truck for Christmas.  Benig is still a little too young to ride it, but that hasn’t stopped us from having him ride it while we support him. At first, he wasn’t having any of it. But after a couple of tries, he started to at least not cry. [...]

Playing, er Sleeping, in the Snow

We took Benig out during one of the mild snow storms to hit Boston this winter.  Just another confirmation that he’s our son- he hated it!  As soon as the first snowflake hit his face when we stepped outside, he shook his head “no”, as if he were angry that it had the audacity to [...]

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