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Archive for March, 2012

Benig made through his first medical school party. At first, he was a little cranky and nervous about what was to come. But then he found himself enjoying being in the arms of others, the way most medical students end up as the night goes on and the drinks are consumed. But all the socializing [...]

And I Thought Carrots Were Bad…

…broccoli is even worse.  And it gets worse with every bite!

No! Not carrots!

Someone’s not a fan of carrots the first time he tried them.  Let’s hope he was just getting used to the taste and will more happily eat them in the future.  He’s got a 50/50 chance of liking vegetables based on his gene pool (i.e., Lawrence still finds most if not all vegetables bitter).

Future Ukelele Band Member

Benig loves strumming the ukelele already. He looks pretty lonely whenever he does strum it though.  I think he’s hoping someone will ask him to join a band soon.  He’s already dressed to impress with his hipster white jump suit with a cool blue stripe down his sleeves.

Benig hibernating during a January snowstorm.  

The First Real Date with Ella

Benig has been on 2-3 dates with Ella, our friends’ beautiful baby girl born on the same day as Benig.  For each of those dates, however, Benig has been asleep.  This Sunday was the first time Benig was actually awake for one of his dates.  Since he and Ella are more mature now (i.e., shows [...]

Benig in the Kitchen