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Archive for April, 2012

Benig Tans

He’s half Staten Island, so it’s in his Lamarckian genes to do so even though it’s too cold to not be in his Patagonia parka. Notice the tan coloring of his face.  That happened after 1/2 hour in the sun.  I bet Ninang Lisa is jealous.

The Dropping Game

Benig’s new schtik is to drop his toys off his high chair’s table onto the floor.  He does it so frequently that we were afraid our downstairs neighbor would become upset from all the noise.  As a solution, Lola Neneng put his chair next to him to catch all the toys.

Benig at the Table

Recently, Benig has enough control over his body to join us at the table for meals.  He seems excited to be in the mix!

Benig is Sitting Up!

He starts off strong… … and even boldly flaps his arms. But this quickly gets him into trouble. Luckily, he is unfazed and happily recovers.    

I think we had Benig sport some or all of his bunny suit over the course of the last month.  We couldn’t get enough of the Easter Benig.