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Crispy Pata

“Your baby is so cute I can eat him!”

“He looks delicious!”

These are common things we hear about Benig.  I wonder where this idea of eating a baby for being so cute comes from.  Did people actually used to eat babies?  Are they just so fat that, if they were any other animal, you’d go in for the kill knowing the meat would be calorie packed?

Anyway, this idea of eating a baby for being so cute seems to cross cultures.  In our family, we’ve been telling Benig that he has crispy pata, a Filipino dish consisting of fried, meaty pig legs.  Just look at those legs.  Who can resist?

We also couldn’t resist dressing him up as if he were the prey of other animals.  Pictured below is Benig the Bunny, with a “gator bait” onesie.  There must really be something to this “so cute one can eat the baby” thing.

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One Response to “Crispy Pata”

  1. on 03 May 2012 at 1:55 pm tita steph

    mom said we were even fatter than that. how is that possible?

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