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Mobile Benig

Benig has been incredibly mobile the last month or so.  He first started doing a Benig-style crawl.  It’s not the usual tummy up crawl, but rather a combination of earthworm/accordion bunching of the body with some breaststroke-style arm movements.  (I’ll try to capture it eventually on camera.)

He’s not as much a fan of that though as he is of walking.  He has always enjoyed jumping and standing, so this comes as no surprise.

This picture documents among his first steps.

And here is a youtube video of Benig walking with Lola.

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve since been slowly baby-proofing the house, but it turns out to be impossible to do it all at once.  Benig inevitably finds something else to pull/break/eat that he shouldn’t have had access to.  Lawrence and I sure are learning quickly how to be parents as Benig learns how to be a 1 year old Benig!

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