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Archive for November, 2012

Benig Standing on His Own!

Two things to note in this video: 1) Benig is standing on his own! 2) Benig is wearing a 25 cents outfit for Halloween Eve.  Yes, it is a two-piece, orange velour outfit complete with Jack-O-Latern and and white collar.  Can this Somervillain get any more ironic for Halloween?  Or, as Ninang Lisa put, can [...]

Benig Sings!

After all of these months (15 to be exact) of singing to Benig as he falls asleep, Benig finally sings himself to sleep.  This may be the cutest thing he does right now.  I wonder which of the songs we sing to him he is singing in this rendition.  It could also be a Benig [...]

Benig Likes to Clean, I think

Sorry for the delay in updates!  Our Benig is growing quickly, while we continue to get busier and busier with returning to normal life. Below is a video of Benig cleaning his crib.  I think he wants to keep his crib tidy, though with his long history of the dropping game, this might just be [...]