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I Think Benig Gets Seasick

Looks like motion sickness got passed on in the genes.  Lawrence and I took Benig on a canoeing trip around the Charles River a couple of weekends ago. Benig started the trip crying, so we fed him a bottle immediately thinking he was crying because he was hungry. He then had moments where he even [...]

Benig’s First Camping Trip

Benig enjoyed his first camping trip!  We decided to take him to Grape Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands in Boston Harbor.  In retrospect, we realize that camping on an ISLAND was particularly risky- there was no way out if he flipped out.  But like good first time parents, we went without thinking, and [...]

Happy on the Beach

Benig loves the beach.  We went to the beach four times in the month of June!  He’s happy as a clam in the sand!  (And is too young to understand that his parents are too scatterbrained to buy real beach gear, like umbrellas and mats.)

Benig’s First Fireworks

Benig attended his first fireworks show in Somerville, at the celebration the city holds in a park just behind our house the weekend before the 4th of July. At first Benig was nervous about what was to come. But when the fireworks started, Benig enjoyed the sights and sounds for a while… … until he [...]

Naked in New York…

… and loving it.

Benig Has a Crush

Benig met an older woman, 20 month old Cleo, at Lola Peppy’s retirement party at the UN.  He couldn’t keep his mouth closed.


I was so proud to be able to walk across the stage carrying Benig during my graduation from HGSE for my Ed.M.  I’ve never seen my little boy more handsome than in his barong.

Like Father, Like Son

Just as Lawrence’s poop made the front page of the Boston Globe, Benig left his poop on the front page of Lawrence’s shirt.  Benig was lying on top of Lawrence, and when I went to pick him up to feed him, there in Benig’s place was a Benig-sized turd.  I’ve never heard Lawrence scream louder [...]

He’s Half Staten Island…

… and loving the ferry!

Benig Does the Beach

We took Benig to the beach at Hull (Nantasket) for his first summer beach adventure! He took to the sand right away… … and even tried to eat some of it, though Daddy stopped him in time from taking a big gulp. He enjoyed jumping in the water… … playing with seaweed… … and pondering [...]

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