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Archive for November, 2005

dell pos

this is hilarious. isn’t there someone in marketing who’s supposed to catch these kinds of double entendres?


i thought i’d share a picture of my favorite animal, the octopus. they are the singular reason i go to aquariums. well, them and the other fish. in any case, i finally got to swim with one when we went to aruba. suffice to say it was ridiculously awesome. i even got to snap the […]

needles and the obese

this is also great: Injecting drugs into the buttocks may not be a reliable way of administering medicine, research suggests. Doctors from a hospital in Dublin found many patients had so much fleshy tissue on their buttocks that jabs could not properly penetrate to the muscle. They found women, and in particular obese women, were […]

elevator hacks

i thought this was so cool: How To Force an Elevator to Go Straight to Your Floor Without Picking Anyone Else Up: 1) Get in the elevator. 2) Decide which floor you want to go to. 3) Extend both index fingers. 4) Press the button for the floor that you want to go to, and […]

energy costs

so i just paid off our energy bills for the past month. $85 for gas and $40 for electricity. the electricity seems reasonable; it’d actually be a little lower if i turned off this server the gas though seems inordinate. we somehow managed to use up 40 therms (nstar-speak for lotsa gas) in one month […]

my new rotation

i thought it might be good to think a little about my new lab rotation in the dicarlo lab. however, i’ve realized that i ought to first reflect a little on my first lab rotation, in the delong lab. ed delong’s group works on microbial genomics; they’re some of the best people around at figuring […]


so we went to ikea yesterday. they’ve just opened up a new one about a half hour away, in stoughton. the place was packed and for good reason. it’s remarkable how much cheap, good-looking crap they sell. so of course, you head over there intending to buy one thing and come home with an order […]


oddly enough, christina does not like being referred to as, “the christina.” or “the girlfriend,” for that matter.

Google Analytics

i’m really disappointed with google analytics. i was quite excited when i initially heard of it being released; i’m tired of statcounter’s small log files. unfortunately, g-analytics’ performance so far has been quite poor: the thing takes forever to log a page load, the website itself loads slowly, and there does not appear to be […]

airing my laundry

so i’ve never really quite understood the point of a blog – people often seem to post such personal thoughts on them. i thought you were supposed to keep those kinds of things to yourself. i suppose i’ll see what all the fuss is about.