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energy costs

so i just paid off our energy bills for the past month. $85 for gas and $40 for electricity. the electricity seems reasonable; it’d actually be a little lower if i turned off this server :)

the gas though seems inordinate. we somehow managed to use up 40 therms (nstar-speak for lotsa gas) in one month alone. for comparison’s sake, my parents, who heat up a 3 story house in new york, only used 52 therms during the same month. of course, new york could have been substantially warmer this past month – not too far-fetched when you notice that boston is consistently colder than new york.

there are other possible reasons as well, such as the fact that we live in a 105-year-old house. or, that the portion of the basement directly under the study has a nice big broken window. perhaps i need to spend some of the political capital that christina and i have earned with our landlord and get him to repair the damned thing.

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