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i’m a big fan of the kind of music that doesn’t get played on the radio (the good kind). unfortunately, that means that i usually have trouble finding new bands that i like. i’ve just come across this awesome site, however, that looks like it’ll change that. pandora takes as input a song or artist […]

[photos taken from kevin freitas' journal] this is sad: it appears that the fellow who assembled this house is being forced to dismantle it. Vladimir Deriugin, an artist from Tacoma, Washington decided that his canvas would be his house. From here on the East Coast, I must admit that his house looks crazy (damn you […]

meat – it’s the new coal

[seen on gizmodo] some poor kid in hawaii thought he was getting an ipod video this christmas – boy, he must have been surprised to open apple’s sleek packaging and find a piece of wrapped meat inside. it seems that a disgruntled employee (one of the world’s greatest resevoirs of hilarity) decided to stick it […]

sushi night

i’ve just posted some photos from the sushi night christina and i hosted on tuesday night here. that night was especially exciting for me, since it was the first time that i’ve ever hosted a party at my own place. the party was also a much-needed spin down from the ass-whooping my BE.420 final handed […]

lego insanity

most people grow out of their lego phase. solid geeks don’t grow out of theirs – they simply learn that it’s not socially acceptable to spend more time with legos than with the opposite sex. nonetheless, it’s still awesome to see what happens to those few lego geeks who stay the course.

so wednesday night, my first evening free from finals and school, christina and i headed out to the druid’s (a local irish pub) weekly pub quiz. this has become something of a weekly tradition for the two of us and our good canadian friends, jesse and hillary. these pub quizes are usually quite hard; the […]

reuters has posted their top 40 photos of the year here. i’ve posted one of them above; it’s a filpino man crossing a bunch of tires lit aflame by rioters south of manila, earlier this year. it’s really sick how good some of these photos are – they’re what happens when you’ve got: 1) talent; […]

the chronic of narnia

the funniest thing i’ve seen on SNL since Chris Farley’s El Nino: the chronic of narnia try this link if the above one is down.

crazy crazy microsoft

mac users need to check this out. it’s nice to see that microsoft can, at times, be playful.


ugghh – i got trashed by my biochemistry final on friday. it stings, since i actually devoted a bunch of time to studying for it. i thought i was well-prepared too; sadly, other people didn’t seem to think the exam was that difficult. that bodes poorly for me in any case, i’m not too worried, […]

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