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sushi night

i’ve just posted some photos from the sushi night christina and i hosted on tuesday night here. that night was especially exciting for me, since it was the first time that i’ve ever hosted a party at my own place. the party was also a much-needed spin down from the ass-whooping my BE.420 final handed out earlier in the day. (it was a 3-hour exam; we were allowed to choose 6 of 10 questions – i think i only completed 2 correctly and 2 more i left partially blank. but, because everyone else had trouble sitting down after the exam, i’m thinking the curve should be generous.)

in any case, a good, botulism-free time appeared to be had by all, in spite of the fact that neither christina nor i had ever prepared sushi prior to that night. luckily, jesse (is there anything he doesn’t know?) helped out with finding sashimi grade fish and showed everyone how to make a sushi roll. people hung around for a while and we made quite a ruckus until well after our landlord manny came home. since manny sleeps right above our living room, this suggests that either our ceilings our very soundproof (unlikely, since i hear them yelling all the time upstairs), or that manny is a bit hard of hearing. or maybe, he likes going to sleep to the sound of grad students loudly chatting with one another below him.

oh and here’s a photo of hillary asking google why it is that hasidic jews on the subway have such strong personal odors. (turns out it engenders a “palpable sense of community” – something the hasids are big on.) that hillary – always so inquisitive.

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