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[seen on gizmodo]
some poor kid in hawaii thought he was getting an ipod video this christmas – boy, he must have been surprised to open apple’s sleek packaging and find a piece of wrapped meat inside. it seems that a disgruntled employee (one of the world’s greatest resevoirs of hilarity) decided to stick it to walmart by repacking ipod boxes with slices of meat. to the employee’s credit, he did at least have the decency to wrap the meat in plastic.

personally, i’m hoping that this story has its facts garbled and that this isn’t the work of a disgruntled employee. instead, here’s to hoping that santa has grown environmentally conscious and is moving away from distributing fossil fuels. instead, while awaiting advancements in clean energy research, santa has decided to temporarily dispense cold meats to bad little children. because cold meat doesn’t release greenhouse gases.

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