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[photos taken from kevin freitas' journal]

this is sad: it appears that the fellow who assembled this house is being forced to dismantle it. Vladimir Deriugin, an artist from Tacoma, Washington decided that his canvas would be his house. From here on the East Coast, I must admit that his house looks crazy (damn you lazy sunday) delicious. Nonetheless, I can understand why a neighbor or building code inspector would be feeling litigious.

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One Response to “the greatest house in all the land”

  1. on 08 Jan 2006 at 3:53 am Anonymous

    Someone should go interview this guy and make a TV episode of the house before it is dismantled, can run on the ‘home improvement’ channels, might make a human interest story. Maybe home remodeling run amuck? Home design with heart? Or (tongue in cheek) always have plans on paper when starting a remodel job!
    Yes, too bad they are tearing it down, would not want to live there but if it makes him happy, who is to say my ranch is all that much better?

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