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in the age of pervasive media, it’s amazing how non-transparent our government can still be.

pixar at moma

MoMa is doing a retrospective of Pixar’s last 20 years of work right now. I think the show runs until mid february (info here). I can’t wait to see this – I get the impression that the computer technology over at Pixar is good enough to nearly reproduce reality and yet, the animators always take […]


i’ve decided to delay studying for biochemistry by playing with this really really nifty screensaver. the screensaver starts off with a random set of blocks and rules for how they are connected and can move. it then simulates movement for a couple of seconds and records how far the assembly traveled. things that show good […]

american edit

there’s a lot of buzz around this “mash-up” of green day’s american idiot – it’s called “american edit.” the dude who put it together (dean gray) is supposed to be quite talented. in any case, warner bros is trying to kill its release; a huge number of sites have responded by distributing the album today. […]

mulled wine

so jesse had a very fun mulled wine (apparently, its like hot sangria) party tonight. the high point of it was the most intense jenga game i’ve ever played. here’re some shots of the game: (a pensive robin) (wes getting into position) (the tower near its final height and for scale, the jenga box. for […]

on being sad

some scientists have recently presented further proof that people really do get more depressed as the days get shorter. abc news has reported on this; if you’re too lazy/busy/uninterested, here’s the gist of it: Up to 20 percent of Americans report they feel more depressed during the winter months as a result of a condition […]

massachusetts is really cold

today was very exciting – boston had its first real snowstorm. it was pretty serious too. in fact, i can’t recall the last time i saw snow fall that intensely. as proof, i submit this picture of the stata center, which was taken at 3 in the afternoon. (i’ve got more pictures of the wintry […]

awesomely huge jellyfish

this jellyfish is one bad motha. apparently, a particular coast in japan is besieged by these things – they’re ruining a bunch of fishermen’s nets and killing lots of fish. yet, i can’t help but think about how much sushi this thing would make.

fleeing massachusetts

sweet, maybe this will make our rent start going down.

q-unit: what 50-cent woulda turned out like had he been born 2 decades earlier. nonetheless, these songs definitely need to be checked out. i took a quick listen and while they’re not as polished as the grey album‘s, the q-unit songs are still pretty cool.

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