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state of the union address

as usual, watching a bush state of the union address was an exercise in disbelief and frustration. nevertheless, i really can’t be displeased with the prez’s remarks that science + innovation will sustain american economic dominance … and that he’s upping research funding (hopefully this year, they’ll increase funding faster than the inflation rate). and, […]

shower music

for people who’ve been over to my dorm or apartment and seen the music playing in the shower, i’ve made some quick notes on how to build your own shower server. they’re here. upon rereading them, i’ve realized that they assume familiarity with the unix command line. if you’re really interesting in building your own […]

the evil empire is damn big

talk about david vs. goliath – the enemy is among the most powerful companies, ever. the insanity! exxon made $36 billion in profit in 2005 – the largest annual net income in history for an american company. last quarter alone, they brought in $99 billion in revenue. the scale of these numbers is mind-boggling. it […]

another energy piece

alternative energy articles keep making mainstream news outlets. i just came across this suprisingly lengthy piece on cnn money about the prospects of ethanol as a gasoline substitute. there’s a lot of cheerleading in the article, and unfortunately, not much serious discussion about real hurdles to overcome, such as overall efficiency (i.e. do you spend […]

i was really excited to read tom friedman’s editorial calling for a change in american energy policies the other day in the nytimes. [for those of you who haven't figured out a way yet to sneak onto times select, i've put a transcript of the article at stinkpot.afraid.org_colon_8080_slash_friedman_dot_html, at least until i get an angry […]

just a stunning internet video clip. in all of 30 seconds, this clip manages to be hilarious, puzzling, offensive, and finally, tastelessly shocking. man, i really need to grow up and stop posting this crap.

justice on the ‘net

lately, i’ve come across a bunch of stories where victims of thefts or scams have been using the internet to get a little vengeance. here’s a novel way with preventing a stolen laptop from getting sold on ebay. this guy gives one of those nigerian scammers what he deserves (the e-mail transcript is a fun […]

useful things for firefox

i was chatting with a friend today about the things that make firefox really useful (for me at least). in fact, if not for the following two tools, i’d have long ago ditched firefox for something that uses much less memory + cpu cycles, like safari. 1) sage – an rss feed reader. it takes […]

the incompetance of the people running the show in iraq is stunning. i wonder if anyone in the bush administration will own up to this one. doubtful, sadly … i bet it’ll be either ignored or worse yet, the bushies will attack the auditors for being unpatriotic.

hacking the itrip

i’ve had a little time on my hands during IAP, so i decided to take apart my itrip and make it suck less. here’re the results.

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