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boston weather blows

gee – i’d been reading about how bad the windstorms were back home in new york but i figured the problems were localized to nyc. silly me, i have to keep relearning the same lesson: boston weather always sucks more.

it hit me, literally, on the bike ride home tonight. as i rounded the kendall shopping center near cardinal madeiros ave., a gust of wind came out of nowhere and struck my right side, forcing me to lean my bike at a crazy 30 degree angle into the wind.

hanging a right at the corner, i found myself biking directly into the wind which by that point, was accompanied by some nasty nasty hail. christina, my weather.com oracle, never said anything about hail this morning. it was ridiculous – i was in one of my lowest gears and mashing on the pedals, just to keep from being pushed backwards. my sideways glance at the drivers waiting for the stop light in the oncoming lane didn’t help – those bastards looked like they were giggling.

at that point, my combined frustration and fear of being blown under the wheels of some car drove me to start screaming obscenities. looking to my right, i noticed that i had unnerved some pedestrians to my right; i guess they don’t see bikers weaving through night-time traffic while getting pelted by ice and swearing profusely too often.

i quit soon thereafter. luckily, i happened to bike by my bemused girlfriend on her way home from work and decided to walk at that point. that christina – always has the right idea.

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  1. on 24 Jan 2006 at 12:55 pm Christina

    that’s right i always have the right idea! and although i check weather.com regularly, the website is NO MATCH for erratic new england weather. i don’t think anyone could have predicted hail for the one block stretch between our house and kendall square. simultaneously, part of cardinal medeiros ave was under rain, another hail, and another only strong winds. that was just another predictably unpredictable boston weather experience.

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