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“the best of google video” – looks to be a great time waster.

where you can take pictures

i’m now in too deep to this whole photography thing; i actually told someone i was “an aspiring photographer” yesterday. what a tacky thing to say. in any case, i was reading up what you are, and are not allowed to do, with your camera the other day and came across this informative article. apparently, […]

flossing is fun

this is totally going on the things to do list. a fellow over at inventgeek has made himself a vibrating lock picker out of an oral-b flosser. total cost is about $10 – how could anyone pass up building this? such a clever idea.

“macbook” lust

drool. what the hell though is up with the name “macbook”? then again, these are the people who got us all sticking “i’s” in front of words for no good reason. i must admit, the part of the macbook that excites me the most is also the gimmickiest new feature: a magnetically connected powercord that […]

photos from france

in the spirit of spending time on the computer, i’ve spent a couple of hours this weekend uploading my photos from our trip to france this summer onto my photo server. i’ve got about 300 of them up now; there are about 700 or so to go (yea, i’m a shutterbug). in any case, check […]

finding a rotation

winter vacation has been fantastic so far. my general happiness has really increased, now that the burden of homework has been lifted. concomitant with my absolution from problem sets has been a decrease in time spent on the computer; i’m amazed at how much time i spent browsing the internet just because i was sitting […]

gee-whiz, i dropped over a dozen hamiltons on our last heating bill. although this is new england, i still find that staggering since our apartment really only has 4 rooms. so, like any good american, i’ve declared war – on natural gas usage in our home. christina and i have made several home depot runs […]

carbon emacs

for all you emacs junkies, i’ve found a carbonized (looks prettier on a mac) emacs package here that plays well with tiger. server’s a bit slow, though.

more dangerous ideas

i thought i’d post another one of those “dangerous ideas” because they’re so darn interesting. this one is courtesy of steve strogatz: pimp of non-linear dynamical systems and author of probably the most widely-read textbook on the subject. steve-o sez: I worry that insight is becoming impossible, at least at the frontiers of mathematics. Even […]

one ring to rule them all

i’m really trying to curb the number of things i steal from boing-boing, but i couldn’t help myself on this one: “a contemporary version of the traditional irish wedding ring.” this is for real – it can be yours for the measly sum of $25. if you have no idea why i’d post something like […]

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