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whew, what a day

such an eventful day today. funny, considering that i thought it would be rather tame. i woke up this morning still not having finished my homework for my computational biology class (7.91); i was unprepared for the amount of busywork in the assignment. in any case, i was forced to stay home (and miss a […]

i was playing with my camera the other night and snapped this picture of pythagoras’ bust on my desk. it reminded me of a question a professor asked me once in college. it was meant to test whether i belonged in science or business. he asked, “would you rather own the empire state building or […]

me in sets of four

it’s funny how unimportant things suddenly become pressing when you’re having trouble doing homework. for example, rather than triumph over my be.482 programming assignment, i thought it’d be much more prudent to perpetuate this blog chain letter i received some time back. so here’re my pieces of four: four jobs i’ve had: 1. tennis pro. […]

how gullible are you?

here’s a fun site i came across today: gullible.info. the people who run this page post a bunch of official sounding pronouncements every day. these things look like great daily email signatures. for instance, yesterdays’ factoids: • In 1953, Virginia governor John S. Battle unsuccessfully attempted to change the state’s motto from “sic semper tyrannis” […]

free domain name

seems like buy.com slipped up and is giving out free domain names. you might want to give this a try. just follow the link in the forum and proceed to the checkout. apparently, you’ll receive an email within a day or two from godaddy.com confirming your new domain. can’t hurt to give it a whirl. […]

google sees everything

google can peer into so many nooks and crannies of the internet. for instance, here’re a bunch of fun searches to try [via digg]. that article reminded me of this infamous boing boing post, which showed a lot of people how to find unsecured webcams using google.

[update] parking spots

woohoo, i’ve actually received some responses from city council members concerning the private reservation of public parking spots following a snow storm. council member craig kelly wrote: Lawrence- I forwarded your email to Lisa Peterson of DPW (Lpeterson@Cambridgema.gov). In the past there’s been talk about picking ‘street furniture’ up when it’s saving spaces, but I’m […]

it’s funny: christina and i were both thinking yesterday that we’d finally gotten used to boston. perhaps it’s the fact that the red sox are deep in hibernation, but nonetheless, we thought that spending the next several years here might not be so trying after all. but then, following yesterday’s blizzard, we saw the folding […]

inspired by the winter games in turino, christina and i ventured out into the blizzard today. i brought along my camera. here’re some photos i snapped: the lot of them, most of which didn’t turn out so well (since it was so dark), live here.

denied pets once again

having successfully tended to our plants for the past couple of weeks, christina and i have decided to get some more interactive pets. of course, a dog or a cat would be ideal, but would also violate the terms of our lease. i’ve had some bad rodent experiences too; the last one i had (childhood) […]

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