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that’s one old turtle

a profoundly old tortoise died today. he was 250 years old, meaning his birth predated the american revolution … it’s absolutely remarkable that any animal could live so long. makes you wonder what tortoises do that other critters don’t. sounds like a good phd project, in fact.


found this on digg today. it’s called ajaxwrite – it’s an online text editor that looks a lot like a stripped down ms word. ajaxwrite is, not surprisingly, written in ajax, a language i’ve been hearing a lot of hype about lately. perhaps the hype is justified though; ajaxwrite is really really fast + smooth. […]


andrew sent me a link to this fantastic dragonforce video the other day. in case you haven’t heard of dragonforce, they’re a british “power metal” band who’ve been trapped in the early eighties. they put on quite the spectacle – i had no idea anyone c0uld play an electric guitar as fast as these guys […]

big kid stuff

christina and i got pre-approved for a mortgage the other day. craziness. over the past couple of months, we’ve doing some math regarding how much it’s going to cost to live in boston for 5-7 years. it turns out we’d spend over $100K in rent – who knew we had that kind of money? whereas […]


heh, i learned from my server logs today that my blog is currently the top hit for the google search: stupid boston. christina is delighted.

new server!

woohoo, a new server now hosts this site. the computer i had previously been using to serve music, webpages, photos, and files was an old stalwart i built in high school (a 500 MHz P3). to its credit, that machine never broke down. unfortunately, it’s been starting to show its age lately, especially as i […]

got to host some prospective csbi phd students today. it was quite exciting – i sat on my very first grad student panel. dinner was also fun (although embarrassingly implemented). it seems that no one was sure who was actually in charge of organizing the outing. luckily, on something of a lark, i had made […]

marketing the microsoft ipod

there’s a hilarious video over at google video about how microsoft would go about packaging the ipod, if they invented it. turns out the video was actually made in redmond … it’s nice to see that some softies have a great sense of humor.

chris bliss’ juggling is crap

so apparently, there’s this video of a juggler/comedian – chris bliss – with a juggling routine choreographed to the beatles’ golden slumbers, floating around the internet. and, it’s really pissed off professional juggler jason garfield (you may have seen him on espn’s televised showing of the national juggling competition). for some reason, garfield has written […]


my god – it’s actually warmer outside than it is inside my apartment. what wonderful weather. i knew this day would come – but i had resigned myself to waiting until april for it. of course, it figures that i’m completely swamped with work this weekend and won’t be able to enjoy the weather. i’m […]

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