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christina and i finally saw matt pond, pa in concert last night. we’re both fans – we were thrilled to buy t-shirts (with beavers on them!) and get them signed. matt pond opened for cake … the two bands were playing mit’s spring concert. it was the first concert that i’ve had the presence of […]

my powerbook has been awfully pokey lately. at first, i thought it might have something to do with my limited available hard drive space (~ 5 gigs free … my mp3 library is getting out of hand). i tried deleting unneccesary files and running optimization utilities like onyx. this evening, i decided to try and […]

i got a kick out of this clever solution to evacuating people from skyscraper fires. i particularly like how these elevators are collapsible, allowing for several of them to be used simultaneously.


poor christina committed one of dating’s cardinal sins tonight: she let her boyfriend cut her hair. i wore her down with a couple of reasons: i’ve been cutting my own hair for years (albeit the easiest haircut in the book – the crew cut) salons are expensive although i might make a couple of missteps […]

my new hero

i watched goodnight and goodluck for the first time tonight. i knew a little bit about murrow going into the movie, having heard a program on npr about the man. nevertheless, i was still blown away by the movie and ed murrow’s eloquence, integrity, and sense of justice. the man is my hero. i was […]

apologies for server being inaccessible. verizon dsl blows like a vacuum. alas, no other ISP is nearly as affordable …

about a week ago, a couple of mit kids pulled the first spectacular hack i’ve seen during my short tenure here. the kids sacrificed their spring break to travel to caltech (which shares a pranking rivalry with mit) to “appropriate” this: it’s a 3-ton cannon that’s been a fixture on the caltech campus for decades. […]


about 2 weeks ago, i was elated to hear that one my favorite bands – wolf parade – was coming to boston. i was subsequently crushed to find out that their one tour date here was also sold out. luckily, christina had the fantastic idea of catching their april 8th show down in providence. tickets […]

our housing search has finally come to an end. hooray! in a couple of months, we’ll be living in the building pictured above. i’m rather pleased with how things ultimately turned out. christina and i snagged a unit in an artists’ community called Brickbottom, across the tracks in somerville. it’s been a bit of a […]

christina and i finally got out of the house today. (i managed to go approximately 36 hours without leaving the apartment; christina 24 hours, up until this morning.) we certainly made up for our saturday lethargy though. chris had the great idea of enjoying the pre-summer weather and taking a bike ride through boston. those […]

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