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world cup!

holy crap! the script i wrote about here actually came through – christina and i got world cup tickets to see the usa’s first match!!! they’re playing in some town i’ve never heard of: gelsenkirchen. argh, figuring we’d shoot first and apologize later, we grabbed the tickets immediately. (my script has alerted me to available […]

the world is a mighty confusing place. it seems that there are two kinds of christina cruzes. (above) the first kind of christina cruz. my adorable girlfriend. (below) the second kind of christina cruz. northwest florida’s premier entertainer. there is no adjective in elvish, entish, or the tongues of men, to describe the hilarity that […]

i turned 23 on wednesday. i celebrated by taking my one final of the semester, which went surprisingly well. (i was pleased for two reasons: 1) i was able to put down a reasonable answer for each question; 2) my sense of academic apathy, first nurtured in senior year of undergrad, has finally blossomed this […]

another joke:

does anyone know who blew up the boardinhouse? not yet, but roomers are flying!

manhattan stone-henge

i yoinked this from the new york times. new yorkers who like taking photos should definitely get outside this sunday and on july 13th! Q. I’ve heard about a “Manhattan solstice,” when the sun supposedly lines up along the streets. Is it for real? When does it happen? A. Here’s the lowdown on the sundown, […]

trip to maine

christina and i took an impromptu trip to maine 2 weekends ago. her firm was sponsering a convention for grants administrators in portland. (yes, even people who underwrite grants have symposia.) the convention was from monday-wednesday; we decided to go up on saturday and spend two nights camping and biking along the maine coast. (being […]

sadly, it looks like we won’t be buying a house after all this summer. everything just didn’t come together, which is too bad, since christina and i were both excited to have our own place. fortunately, things probably worked out for the best. one of the reasons for my sanguine outlook is that we’ll have […]

what an amazing door

this is the entrance to the new apple store on 5th ave, across from the plaza and right in front of the fao schwartz. i don’t think i’ve ever come across such a unique door. it’s encased in a giant glass cube – you step through the door and descend a glass spiral staircase down […]

things to do

i’m really hungry. it’s amazing – the students and faculty i work with don’t seem to eat at all. without anyone’s lead to follow, i constantly find myself forgetting to eat lunch. luckily, christina has taken a shine to cooking since we’ve moved to boston, which means that i usually enjoy a solid dinner. unfortunately, […]


this whole house buying thing has been a real drag lately. that, coupled with my general sloth, has totally stifled my regular updates to this blog. i’m gonna make up for it though, beginning with this joke: what do you call a tiny psychic who escapes from prison? a small medium at large!

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