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Archive for June, 2006

hooray! our internet is finally working again, which means that this webserver is finally back online. after months of spotty service, i think verizon has finally fixed the problem. a repairman came out the other day and saw that our phone line was actually exposed to the elements (which would explain why our dsl died […]

the muddy buddy

the boston muddy buddy race took place this weekend. this race has been a huge event on my calendar. my teammate – andrew – signed us up some time in february. chris and i even cut short our european odyssey to make it back in time for the muddy. the race sounded incredible on paper. […]

back home

hooray, christina and i are finally back home! actually, we got home yesterday – i couldn’t post anything until now, however, since our internet has been dead the last two days. ::angrily shakes fist at verizon:: of course, when the internet did come back on, i was greeted by this on my screen: up there […]

guten tag!

found a cheap internet cafe and so i thought i’d check in … sadly, i’m sick as a dog right now. left the windows of our tent open one hot night and slept outside of the sleeping bag. when i woke up at sunrise, it was about 50 degrees and i already had symptoms of […]

going away

oh and this blog will likely grow barren for the next two weeks. christina and i did manage to find a relatively inexpensive flight to europe to go and watch our soccer game. of course, since we’d already gotten leave from work and were going to be in europe … we decided to turn the […]

the weekend

as usual, we had an eventful weekend. stephanie, my younger and only other sibling, graduated from high school in new york city. i’m really proud of her – she’ll be chemE in the fall at upenn and she won the science medal at her graduation. what more does an older brother / engineer need to […]

gawsh, i’m starting to appreciate how difficult it is to develop algorithms. it seems that the function representing the novelty & utility of an algorithm vs. effort exerted looks like 1-exp(-x): the first couple of breakthroughs in a field come easily, but improving on them can be quite hard. in my case, i’ve been working […]