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I attended an all-boys Jesuit high school in Manhattan named Regis, an experience that couldn’t have been more incongruous with what Saved by the Bell promised me for years. Still, going to high school in New York City was memorable; taking Driver’s Ed in Chinatown during rush hour is downright terrifying and smells delicious. I […]

Hello world!

I’ve finally had enough with blogger and it’s lack of categories / dependency on the ponderous and fickle blogger.com server. Hello Word Press! Already, I’ve got a positive view of Word Press. It was astoundingly easy to move my blogger blog (including comments!) here onto Word Press. If you’re so inclined, here’s the guide I […]

i think i am in love with dr. laura garwin (pictured above). i half-heartedly agreed to go to a talk she gave today at school. the biological engineeers here had arranged for dr. garwin to speak about post-doctoral careers outside the sphere of pure research. specifically, she was to talk about her own experiences in […]

this week has been full of long days. i looked in the mirror on monday and saw stains on the edges of my teeth. these stains were both toothbrush and fingernail resistant. even worse, the stains were mildly conspicuous since they were on my front teeth. concerned, i asked christina if she had noticed them […]

priceless quotes overheard from the hilarious portuguese family having a picnic in our backyard: i am republican, bitch! [unknown voice] well, it doesn’t matter [if you'll tolerate gay marriage] because i’m gonna become president first. i’ll be president first because i’m gonna work my ass off. [the 8-year niece of our landlord, yelling to her […]

these freshly designed websites have been stinging the ego of my webpages’ collagen-filled, handwritten html code. but rather than wallow in a tub of self-pity, my site has instead decided to get itself into shape. i’m so proud of its can-do attitude. she’s looking better already. go see for yourself! ************* i’m so sorry for […]

poor embryos

those poor ivf surplus embroys. already headed for the trash. now, their chance to contribute to science and humanity has been delayed indefinitely once again. (that picture in the article, of bush surrounded by babies born of surplus embroys makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth.  don’t politicians feel any shame […]

so hot

ughhh, it’s been so hot and humid lately here in boston. the woolly heat just blankets you as you step outside and into the sun. christina and i have eschewed air conditioning in our apartment due to the following moral arguments: 1) we’re cheap. 2) having both descended from 100′s of generations of tropical island […]

things done

it’s been a good summer so far. i’ve already done 2 of the 27 things i’ve hoped to do in my life. the first was #23: backpacking for at least 2 weeks in a foreign country. check. the second has been #16: learn c. i finally took care of this one last week. not knowing […]


tonight’s excuse for why i got no work done.

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