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things have been very hectic lately. last week, we spent monday through wednesday in new york, sneaking in 2 days of the us open qualifying. (photos forthcoming) this past weekend, we backpacked through the white mountains (the longest 6-mile hike of my life) and slept on awesome swiss-family-robinson platforms on the side of mount libery […]

rhode island photos

i thought i’d share some of the photos i took during our camping trip last weekend to rhode island. we spent two days at east beach – easily the best beach i’ve ever been to in new england. the water was warm (a balmy 65 degrees) and the beach was uncrowded (as you can see […]

i feel am so scientifically unproductive. christina and i have just gotten back from a mid-week 2-night trip to NY.  (we went to watch our buddy Cecil Mamiit try and qualify for the US Open, and to bask in the tennis talents of the world’s 100 best players.)  this trip immediately followed the 3-day weekend […]

you might have noticed that a bunch of links around here no longer point to stinkpot.afraid.org … they point to desk.stinkpot.org.  i’ve finally bought a domain name: stinkpot.org. i finally gave into buying it when the free service [freedns] supplying my domain went down last week.   some idiot(s) decided it would be a good […]

finally found the time to download, cull, and upload the photos from my family’s recent trip to california. it’s gotten bad – i take far too many pictures and spend an inordinate amount of time deleting a majority of them. in any case, i thought i’d share some of the photos i took and use […]

back home

slipped back into boston today. each day i spent in california was surprisingly delightful. the consistently pleasant weather and the abundance of hiking/biking has really chipped away at my aversion to moving out west. all the time i spent with family has also finally convinced me that it’s fun – not awkward – to live […]

i’m not superstitious – that’d be bad luck.

holiday in san jose

a quick post before my pitifully anemic powerbook battery expires … the wedding was amazing. the ceremony was 3/4 hindi and 1/4 filipino and terribly beautiful. all those saris, the hindu priest, henna tattoos and bhangra – so easy to photograph. so much work to do though … i should have gotten an earlier plane […]


oh and one last note before i sleep: for people reading this who use both word press and gallery2, you might want to look into this plugin. it makes embedding gallery photos in wordpress posts a cinch. i installed it the other night and it works as advertised. the wpg2 plugin even lets you embed […]

be right back.

am shipping off to san jose in about 5 hours. will be gone (and hopefully, internet-removed) for about 1 week. looking forward to seeing old friends; attending family reunion under mild duress. i’ve been to california a couple of times now – i don’t know what it is, but i really don’t like the place.  […]

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