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Archive for September, 2006

site finished!

actually, i lie like a rug. this site isn’t finished – but it’s much closer to where it’ll end up. it took a bit of wrangling, but my tricks and calendar pages now play well with the rest of the site’s theme. i think i’ve also finally migrated all of my blogger posts over to […]


i have setup a linux-based music server that is wired to speakers throughout our apartment. it even feeds into the speakers in our shower (this has been a lifelong dream of mine). if you’ve got an account, you can choose what music plays in there!and, if you’d like to build a music server yourself that […]

the inner online stalker in me craves the ability to surf the web anonymously. unfortunately, most of the free proxy surfers out there either cost money or have very limited bandwidth. finally though, i’ve come across a free, super-fast proxy browser: google! simply go to their online webpage translator, select “translate a webpage” and choose […]

new theme

finally, i’ve scrapped the boring-bright default wordpress theme in favor of something more pleasing. hopefully, i’ll figure out how to embed the rest of this site in it. it’d be nice to also figure out how to automatically constrain the sizes of photos in posts, so that they don’t ruin this pages’ formatting …

biomedical engineering zen

an e-mail signature i came across today that made the biomedical engineer in me smile: “noise is principally due to the presence of the patient” — r.f. farr


attended our first underwear party ever tonight. (technically, it was a “lingerie + loungewear” party.) confuzzled, i showed up in pajamas and a hoodie. and here i was, thinking that the med students enjoy all the debauchery. (the drinking stories i hear from my friends in med school have convinced me to self-medicate myself and […]

new lifestyle

so begins my new life as a real lab rat. christina’s post-bac classes have just started. harvard, manifesting another one of its ridiculous practices, schedules all “continuing student” classes at night (instead of just merging them with the identical undergrad class). that means that christina is booked from 6-10ish every night. which in turn means […]

so lately, i feel like i still haven’t been getting enough work done. actually, i’ve been having this problem all summer. i need to work harder. but, over the past year or so, i’m starting to relearn that old lesson, that devoting more time to work doesn’t produce more results. instead, at least in my […]

organic chemistry poetry

golly, ‘been so busy lately w/ TAing and researching and tennis.  thank god the us open is finally over – i can have my evenings back now. still can’t proffer a real post (my code has yet to bloom into the beautiful flower it wants to be). instead, i’ll post a piece of poetry i […]

crazy apple rumor

rather than ingest more crazy apple rumors, christina and i came up with one of our own tonight. sept. 12: apple introduces the iphone … which rides on none of the traditional wireless carriers, but instead uses VOIP.  it all makes sense – the google CEO just got a seat on apple’s board and google […]

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