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Archive for October, 2006

rustic connecticut

i once asked drew endy what the best thing to visit in boston is.  dryly, he replied, “the airport.” christina and i have been doing a great job these past couple of weekends of getting out of boston.  last weekend, we took a day trip to northern connecticut.  only about 45 minutes away, we had […]

wedded to my work

funny – up until several days ago, i was in a bit of a funk.  my research had bogged down and i was a tad glum.  adding injury to insult, i had caught cold. fast forward to today: a great insight by eric has catapulted my work forward again.  suddenly, i’m in good spirits (especially […]

feelin’ old

it’s just happened again – some melancholy song randomly starts playing in the background and i can’t shake the feeling of being old.  it’s this sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach; it feels like that terrible homesickness on the first night of college.  maybe more like the despair you get when you see […]

insanely busy – haven’t been sleeping much in weeks. nevertheless, not so busy that i can’t transcribe the pearls of wisdom my adviser eric bestowed upon me a couple of hours ago. 1)  never do anything (even under direct orders from your PI) that will not eventually become a figure in a foreseeable paper. 2)  […]

i had intended for this blog to be mainly photoblog. believe it or not, i’ve actually been taking a lot of pictures lately; it’s the image downloading/curating/editing that i’ve been avoiding. as much fun as a picture-less blog post is, i thought i’d try and work through my backlog of photos. tonight, i finished uploading […]


proctored + graded my first midterm today. i had no idea how much work it was for TAs to help organize a midterm: preparing review sessions, answering last minute questions, helping to draft an exam. strangely enough, i thoroughly enjoyed most of it – i haven’t tutored anything in some time and i had forgotten […]

time burglers, beware

i actually wrote a piece of useful code today. it’s a little program that monitors the amount of time each application is at the forefront of your desktop (sorry, only for mac os x). this way, you’ll know how long you’ve actually spent doing work on your computer. it was inspired by a yet-to-be-built application […]

i came across this hysterical example of how to shoot yourself in the foot today, in unix: % ls foot.c foot.h foot.o toe.c toe.o % rm * .o rm: .o: No such file or directory % ls % hooray for geekery!

what canopies

two more photos i came across today.  i love juxtaposing them.  i think i’ll try and frame them side-by-side.

new york

ah, today i came across this picture i snapped a couple of months ago while visiting friends in new york. funny how even without a single landmark building in it, a new yorker would still instantly recognize that this photo was taken in manhattan. i miss new york – boston is damn lucky they’ve got […]