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new york

ah, today i came across this picture i snapped a couple of months ago while visiting friends in new york.

funny how even without a single landmark building in it, a new yorker would still instantly recognize that this photo was taken in manhattan.

i miss new york – boston is damn lucky they’ve got such a good science and engineering school here.  because beyond that, we’ve got no real reason to be here: most of our friends are still home in new york.

both christina and i can’t wait to finish up here and get gone.

yet, i’ve been worried lately that i’m starting to become too future-oriented.  i’ve been putting in such long hours lately and coding through much of the weekends, in the hopes that the work will actually get me out faster.  but even if that goes according to plan, is that what i really want? grad school is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable periods of my life.  i mean, i get paid to work on what i want and i’ve got no real responsibilities.   why am i in such a hurry to get this over with?

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