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i had intended for this blog to be mainly photoblog. believe it or not, i’ve actually been taking a lot of pictures lately; it’s the image downloading/curating/editing that i’ve been avoiding.

as much fun as a picture-less blog post is, i thought i’d try and work through my backlog of photos. tonight, i finished uploading some photos from a camping trip christina and i took to maine about 2 or 3 weekends ago. we went up with our neighbors, hillary and jesse, who toted a wonderfully comfortable and colorful guatemalan hammock:

hillary and jesse in their guatemalan hammock

once again, we camped at this idyllic site, right near the atlantic shore:

recompense shore

together, jesse and i were able to channel enough outdoorsman know-how into a cozy fire:

christina by the fire

over which we cooked the 3 lobsters we had somewhat foolishly bought at a nearby docks.  i say foolishly, because we bought the lobsters and then thought about what we’d cook them in.  luckily, we found something later that afternoon at shaw’s fit enough to be lit on fire:

red sox on fire

the lobster and corn were delicious.  the next morning, i went scavenging for interesting pieces of nature to photograph:

horseshoe crab and leaf
hillary burned herself with a marshmellow:

hillary kaell
and jesse went playing in the trees:

jesse in the trees

we then rounded out the weekend by going to an absolutely massive flea market, filled with wonderful still lives of silverware:

finally, we bought some more lobsters at the nearest dock and headed home.

lobster dock

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