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proctored + graded my first midterm today.

i had no idea how much work it was for TAs to help organize a midterm: preparing review sessions, answering last minute questions, helping to draft an exam. strangely enough, i thoroughly enjoyed most of it – i haven’t tutored anything in some time and i had forgotten how gratifying it was to help someone finally understand a new concept. must resist temptation to join academia …

grading tests was a bit upsetting, however, as well as terribly time-consuming. each time i took points off, i pictured the students’ plaintive face, hoping i could find a little more extra credit. painful, really. now i understand why professors would say, “i hope everyone gets a 100.”

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  1. on 19 Oct 2006 at 3:33 pm Cygnet

    If the TA’s are cool enough, which in 20.181 they totally are, we won’t get mad if you take points off.

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