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insanely busy – haven’t been sleeping much in weeks.

nevertheless, not so busy that i can’t transcribe the pearls of wisdom my adviser eric bestowed upon me a couple of hours ago.

1)  never do anything (even under direct orders from your PI) that will not eventually become a figure in a foreseeable paper.

2)  he can’t remember this one.

3)  you have full license to shirk any responsibilities assigned to you, as long as you’re making respectable progress towards your thesis.

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2 Responses to “the alm golden rules of grad school”

  1. on 18 Oct 2006 at 9:06 pm Alex

    I think the tricky bit about #1 and #3 is that it’s often not clear whether what you’re working on will work out sufficiently well to actually be able to be used in a paper, or towards your thesis. If the connections were that clear, grad school would be much simpler :-)

    Maybe the point is more that you should concentrate on stuff that at least has the potential to fall into those buckets …

  2. on 22 Oct 2006 at 2:15 pm Lawrence David

    agreed – perhaps rule #2 concerns how tricky #1 and #3 are. and, perhaps a rule #2a exists, which states that once you graduate from grad school, you completely forget about rule #2.

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