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rustic connecticut

i once asked drew endy what the best thing to visit in boston is.  dryly, he replied, “the airport.”

christina and i have been doing a great job these past couple of weekends of getting out of boston.  last weekend, we took a day trip to northern connecticut.  only about 45 minutes away, we had a wonderful drive, watching the trees blush red and orange the entire way.

first stop: a maize maze.  (yea, remarkably clever.)  nevertheless, running around a several acre labyrinth of 8-foot high corn was surprisingly fun.

maize maze

as well as unexpectedly challenging:

maize maze challenge

the rest of the day was spent playing with the big:

and with the small:

the day ended with a lovely wine-tasting at a charming family winery.  there, the grower’s daughter regaled us with stories of her father’s first forays into wine-making.  apparently, he’d stuff casks into unoccupied hallway nooks – a practice ended when the wine barrels started exploding.  (turns out when you filter out yeast from wine, you better be sure you’re doing a good job.)

stories like that make wine tasting fun.

taylor brooke wine tasting

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4 Responses to “rustic connecticut”

  1. on 25 Oct 2006 at 6:54 am Andrew

    i remember back in like 5th grade or something… when I went pumpkin picking with you and your family, I had a great time stomping down cornstalks. It made me feel like a giant and the cornstalks was like a city, and I was just plowing through, destroying the city :)

  2. on 26 Oct 2006 at 8:33 am Lawrence David

    heh, i can’t even remember going pumpkin picking with you and my family :) (see earlier post about getting old.)

    where did we go?

  3. on 26 Oct 2006 at 12:00 pm Andrew

    I don’t know it was back in 5th grade! I wouldnt have even known where we were going if you told me back then.

    It stings alittle you dont recall such an event whose memory that i cherish so much. I thought we were like this: X. =P

    I also remebered you falling asleep on my shoulder on the car ride back. It was like our first trip together!

  4. on 26 Oct 2006 at 10:34 pm Lawrence David

    haha, hope i didn’t drool!

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