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Archive for November, 2006

TA’ing 20.181 is often a joy.  case in point, lecture today. drew endy: software engineers trying to outrace hardware engineers and moore’s law are like john henry trying to beat that tunneling machine. student: who’s john henry? drew endy: [slightly at a loss for words] … oh, you know, there was this mountain and there […]


ugh. lost keys sometime before we went home this past weekend. thought i’d find them when i got back to my apartment. i didn’t. now, all sorts of worst-case-scenarios running through my head. (most involve psychopaths using the internet to find my address. you see, there was a scientific poster with my name on it […]


i don’t think i can sleep with the previous post being my last of the night. recounting what happened last night has been in of itself a little traumatizing. to return balance to the universe, i submit two of the cutsiest photos i’ve taken in months. in fact, if cute was measured in adipose cell […]

parsons social contract

it was late yesterday evening when i stepped out of office hours to take a call on my cell phone. absentmindedly milling through the empty halls of parsons, my peripheral-vision suddenly started banging on the doors of my brain. i turned and looked through one set of windows into one of the graduate student mini-cube […]

missed connection

my missed connection yesterday: while shopping for eggs and tikka masala sauce at shaw’s last night, i saw an old man in the pie section. he was tall and a blue cotton denim jacket covered what i could tell used to be broad shoulders; he must have been very strong as a young man. his […]


Maggie: Don’t worry, God will help us. [Loads shotgun] Tracy: Then what’s that for? Maggie: In case God doesn’t show up. the screenwriters for pumpkinhead had enormous talent; and by god, did they flaunt it. well, i thought i’d follow their leads and flaunt my own talents. it’s taken an entire year, but someone has […]

too easy

wow, i’m so amazed by what just happened that i’m compelled to immediately blog about it. i closed a major credit card in about 30 seconds. how it went down: [0 sec]: call bank of america [5 sec]: went through the backdoor to get a human [25 sec]: verified my identity and asked to close […]


we saw hellogoodbye at avalon this evening. they’re one of those guilty-pleasure indie-pop bands who just defecates catchy melodies and nasal vocals. (it leaves a real mess on stage.) hellogoodbye at least has enough electric guitar, really tight jeans and trendy eye glasses to buy a couple pesos of indie-street cred. but, being surrounded by […]

lab bonding

i’ve been doing a lot of hanging out with my labmates these past weekends. it’s made me really happy; when i look back, i realize that i didn’t take demographics into account much when i joined the alm lab about 6 months ago. instead, i made my decision on silly things like advisor, research potential, […]

farewell fish

we sold our beloved fish tank today the big tank was getting to be too much work for us. christina and i were both a bit upset; we had raised most of the fish in there since they had been fishlings. more importantly, the fish had all gotten through our bumblings as first-time fish owners. […]