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lab bonding

i’ve been doing a lot of hanging out with my labmates these past weekends. it’s made me really happy; when i look back, i realize that i didn’t take demographics into account much when i joined the alm lab about 6 months ago. instead, i made my decision on silly things like advisor, research potential, etc.

nevertheless, thanks to someone unexplained karma-build-up, i still ended up amongst a small, tightly-knit group of kids who’re all at about the same point in our lives. so far, we’ve been getting along fabulously: everyone’s young, enjoys the outdoors, and wannabe-hipster. it brings joy to my heart to see how much they all love science, and that none of them are especially ugly.

over the past 3 weeks, we’ve all gone rock-climbing, birthday-celebrating, apple-picking, and camping together. (luckily, the significant others all like one another.)  rather than try and remember what exactly those things entailed, i thought i’d just post some pretty pictures. (i’m really falling in love with my camera. i think i’m finally learning how to let it produce decent photos.)

jesse’s birthday:
jesse shapiro

rock climbing:

sonia timberlake belaying

lawrence david climbing

jared toettcher

quincy quarry

more to come …

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