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we saw hellogoodbye at avalon this evening. they’re one of those guilty-pleasure indie-pop bands who just defecates catchy melodies and nasal vocals. (it leaves a real mess on stage.) hellogoodbye at least has enough electric guitar, really tight jeans and trendy eye glasses to buy a couple pesos of indie-street cred. but, being surrounded by hundreds of teenage girls begging to bear the rivers cuomo-like frontman’s spawn ultimately tattooed guilt onto my forehead.

[who are you girls? and why are you so short?! a little vacuum would form behind me, wherever i stood; i kept feeling teenyboppers fidgeting, trying to see over my shoulders. more guilt.]

thankfully, the show pulled a jesus and made all my concert shame go away. hellogoodbye turned out to be one of those bands that just sounds 453.5X better live than on their pirated MP3s. group trance dancing, a la that really strange cave party scene in the matrix 2, is always creepily fun.

i wish i was a rock star.

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