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too easy

wow, i’m so amazed by what just happened that i’m compelled to immediately blog about it.

i closed a major credit card in about 30 seconds.

how it went down:

[0 sec]: call bank of america

[5 sec]: went through the backdoor to get a human

[25 sec]: verified my identity and asked to close the account

[30 sec]: done and goodbye

nothing over customer service lines is supposed to be this easy. i even popped popcorn in anticipation of a sales agent’s 15-minute badgering “that i’d be making a terrible mistake.”

now that it’s all over, i almost feel a bit cheated. half the fun of canceling things over the phone is wrestling with the operator; at the end of the epic service call, you feel like you’ve earned the right to cancel that piece of plastic.

at least i’ve still got popcorn.

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One Response to “too easy”

  1. on 07 Nov 2006 at 12:05 pm Andrew

    I had to search the hard way for a human at con-ed. I went through every single option possible in their billing menus, and no humans are available there. You have to go through “open new account” option to get to a human that can help you. It seems Con-ed is only interested in new costomers and screw their exisitng customers, they dont need to talk to anybody. :)

    The stupid thing is, con-ed knows who you are already by the phone you are calling from, so you don’t even have to say who you are, or anything, they have all your information pulled up. They can even help you with whatever question you have without having to transfer either! but they hide away in the “open new account menu” the last place an exisitng customer would look, becuase, obviously they arn’t looking to open new accounts! those jerks!

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