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Archive for December, 2006

snapshots from new york

i’ll be heading home shortly; i thought i’d post some photos from the last time i was in new york.  i’m really proud of many of them, given that i shot them with a 35mm fixed lens.  i’ve grown spoiled by having a zoom lens over the past year. some still lives:    new york […]

post deleted

i’ve deleted the original content of this post for two reasons. 1) bringing more attention to this matter is counter-productive; i’ve realized added publicity benefits neither my institution nor the faculty involved. 2) some of the faculty involved have been unable to defend themselves publicly so far. it’s unfair to them that attention is drawn […]

me: i got my grade in microbiology today.  i didn’t do as well as i had hoped – i got an A-. girlfriend: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! me: [horrified] that’s it, i’m playing dead again. [note: when you ride in the grad-school-grade-inflation-balloon, an A- is like getting a B.] what’s worse, being an overachieving grade snob or engaging […]


i’ve been meaning to post this photo for a couple of days now.  it’s of a card my students gave me during our last office hours. i must say, i don’t think there’s ever been a more touching spider-man thank you card.  i’ve considered TA’ing 181 to easily be the most fulfilling thing i’ve done […]

blinded by desperation, i flung my hastily finished 20-page proposal into martin’s office early yesterday evening. i’m finally done for the fall semester! so much pent-up blogging, painting, and reading [and research, i guess] to do …


man, i remember now why i was so anxious to get out of undergrad. end of semesters blow like a vacuum: papers, finals, and an all-nighter’s worth of problem sets to wrap up grading. on top of the research that you’re expected to be performing … clearly leads to friday nights painting the town red. […]

here’s a good eric-quote to take out of context: “lawrence – you’re a pretty bad asian.” [if there was an asian al sharpton, i'd be on the phone with him right now. i'd be demanding to know why he keeps going to that stylist who keeps dressing him in that creepy perm.] as eric opened […]


my favorite part of keeping a blog is scrolling through the archives and seeing the photos i’ve posted. it’s like watching a digital zoetrope. [took a lot of googling to find the name of those things!] therefore, i’ve been very conscious of the dearth of recent photo postings. i’ve been snapping plenty of pictures – […]

being a TA is great: it provides so much fodder for this blog. (again, it’s starting to worry me how i subconsciously ascribe value to my life experiences according to their blog-ogenicity) today in office hours, i found myself helping this sweet, somewhat bashful undergraduate student with her implementation of gillespie’s chemical kinetics simulator. to […]