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Archive for January, 2007

breakfast blogging

i’m starting to adopt christina’s sleep schedule.  it’s comprised of: passing out on the couch while watching national geographic documentaries about giant crocodiles around midnight and waking up at 7.00 am to go to work. since no self-respecting programmer would show up to work at 7.30 am, i’ve decided to just have breakfast at home, […]

getting out

i’ve been working like a dog on ritalin lately: hours upon hours of programming, non-stop. actual quote from my advisor today: “you know, all these projects you keep taking on – i’m amazed you get them done about as quickly as i assign them to you.”  i give him the “it’s because i’m so smart/talented” […]

energy insanity

energy-driven geopolitics; ruling family dynasties of questionable conscience; people running around blowing things up in the desert – our world reads like a frank herbert novel. given the blurring of reality and fiction, can’t our leaders try to be a little more inspirational?  is this the best they can do?  god, what i wouldn’t give […]

new directions?

ugh, i’ve removed 2 blog posts in the last 2 days: 1 new one and 1 old one.  thanks to last month’s post debacle, this blog is as self-conscious as i was at my first middle school dance.  friends, family, advisors, former students, and strangers from the interwebs all stop by; i’ve realized that something […]

i’ve been meaning to post some photos i took over the winter break.  they’re mostly of old friends with various BACs, with some pleasing still lives mixed in. i really like these photos.  they remind me of two things: 1) i need to move back to NYC post-haste, before all my friends make their fortunes […]

mit mystery hunt

lately, my research projects have begun to swell in terms of quantity, load (and hopefully importance.)  they sit on my head and threaten my cherished air supply, much in the way the obese and hirsute kazakh producer azamat attempts to suffocate borat with his ass cheeks. nevertheless, i allocated zero of yesterday to getting any […]

gray skies

i suppose i’m glad that i’m getting the most out of this dour new england weather.  (seems god got lazy today; she stained everything with that gray muck you get when you mix all your paints into an sludgy gumbo.) see, thanks to a confluence of long-gestating feelings and some more immediate turns of events, […]

east cambridge

i thought i’d share some photos of our neighborhood, before i go to sleep.  they were taken quite recently, thanks to the conveniently balmy weather bestowed upon the northeast by the inconvenient truth.  (usually, i find it impossible to take pictures outdoors during the winter, as i need to feel my fingers to use my […]

end hiatus

after an extremely unpleasant hiatus, my blog is back online.  that hiatus witnessed my very first anxiety attack, which surprisingly, bore many similarities to falling in love for the first time.  prior to both experiences, i had read and heard stories about them, so i knew they were possible.  at times, i even felt emotional […]