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east cambridge

i thought i’d share some photos of our neighborhood, before i go to sleep.  they were taken quite recently, thanks to the conveniently balmy weather bestowed upon the northeast by the inconvenient truth.  (usually, i find it impossible to take pictures outdoors during the winter, as i need to feel my fingers to use my camera.)

we live near a public pool; the kids love it during the summer.

there’s an old portuguese bakery behind our block.  each evening, the breeze carries the rising aroma of tomorrow’s bread across our driveway.

about two blocks away are the freight train tracks.  invisible freight cars rumble by late at night; i often forget those tracks are there, and instead think evening thunderstorms have arrived.

the local portuguese fishmarket, which surprised us with sashimi-grade fish the first time we stepped inside.  the fishmonger told us that the large japanese populations at nearby universities help keep the store in the black.

new deal fish

across the street from the fish store is the poultry market.  its iconic sign is like a universal waypoint in cambridge.  cab drivers who don’t know my street always head off in the right direction when i tell them, “i live near the fresh killed live poultry place.”

we live on the border of a city called somerville.  the part of the city we live near is mostly industrial, but still retains a sense of humor.

superior nut co

taken the same day as the other photos, this picture doesn’t remind me of any stories.  i just thought it was pretty.


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