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new directions?

ugh, i’ve removed 2 blog posts in the last 2 days: 1 new one and 1 old one.  thanks to last month’s post debacle, this blog is as self-conscious as i was at my first middle school dance.  friends, family, advisors, former students, and strangers from the interwebs all stop by; i’ve realized that something has gone slightly askew when i worry not that people will ignore my blog, but that they’ll read it instead.

these blogs are tricky froggies.  any protestations for privacy by bloggers are, by the nature of blog publication, utterly ridiculous.  indeed, a popular blog will show a little leg: a slightly salacious post here, perhaps some breaking gadget news there (think of what randy hearst could have done!)  if you didn’t have anything interesting to say, why would anyone care to listen?

then again, i could take the high road: instead of spewing ‘people’ or ‘nat. inquirer’ (both of which i can’t stop reading cover-to-cover while at line at marketbasket each week), i could channel the new york times, and cnn and their offbeat news to a lesser extent.  from now on, posts of real substance!  deep thoughts! [right, now my posts won't be self-conscious at all ... ]  ack, i’m doing it again, by making snide remarks at myself.  time to stop!

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