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Archive for February, 2007

checking in

back in manila after spending the weekend on bohol, a small island just north of the equator.  will describe in greater detail when i get home and upload photos. ———— will keep posts short and sweet; internet here is like molasses.  (but that shouldn’t belie how wired this country is – people here are constantly […]


quick-hitting post, since my flight leaves in 5 hours and i’ve yet to pack a single article of clothing. classes:  wonderful, unfortunately.  had hoped by now i’d be sick of school, which would expedite process of entering real world + earning real paycheck.  instead, i love my class on inference & information: i miss seeing […]

young earth phds

a fascinating read this morning on students who receive phds in the natural sciences from secular institutions – and continue to insist earth’s origins were biblical in nature. i find it remarkable that anyone can sufficiently digest geoscience literature to write a decent doctoral thesis – and still remain unconvinced enough to buy into a […]


so as i sit here in bed, wrapping up my blog post and getting ready to sleep, christina [asleep] rolls over and says with her eyes closed, “you are right my friend.” hurm. i’ve just gently elbowed her. “who were you talking to chris?” “i was dreaming about how you can get different kinds of […]


like profoundly disoriented snowbirds, christina and i decided to escape boston in the dead of winter last weekend – by heading north to montreal.  jesse and hillary accompanied us, eager to return to the city they both attended university in. good lord it was cold.  -20 centigrade at least (or most, depending on what’s up […]