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quick-hitting post, since my flight leaves in 5 hours and i’ve yet to pack a single article of clothing.

classes:  wonderful, unfortunately.  had hoped by now i’d be sick of school, which would expedite process of entering real world + earning real paycheck.  instead, i love my class on inference & information: i miss seeing math that isn’t some ODE describing protein synthesis rates.  instead, i see real math: probability.  in only 3 classes, i’ve already learned how to derive computational tools i’ve taken for granted for years, such as the likelihood ratio test and the ROC curve.  yes, i was turned on by the end of last lecture.   my other class, chris marx’s microbial evolution class over at the big H, i’ll celebrate similarly.   in only 2 weeks of lecture, i feel like my understanding of evolution has grown exponentially.  i’m much less embarrassed now to say i’m getting a phd in biology stuff.

biking: freezing rain, sleet, and hail all enjoyed a menage-a-trois on my pants and socks today as i biked to and from harvard.   as much as it sucked, will make the following 3 weeks all the sweeter [see below].

valentine’s day: nothing says romance like the movie christina picked out for renting this evening.  “centipede!“  think romeo + juliet, where romeo = awesomely bad screenplay and juliet = 20-foot rubber centipede in a south-asian cave.

tomorrow: hopping on plane to philippines to wish my grandfather a happy 90th birthday.  am elated for so many reasons: seeing side of family for first time in 8 years; getting to visit remote island away from cities; tagalog has no words for sleet, freezing rain, or hail.  if anyone wants me to bring home filipino non-perishables, let me know.  i’ve already got some people down for filipino broccoli [dog-meat jerky].

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