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Archive for March, 2007

wannaBE retreat

biological engineering here at mit is a giving department. their discoveries give sick people hope. their innovations give scientists new tools. and, most importantly, their annual retreat gives grad students an all-expenses-paid-trip somewhere in new england. things i’m going to remember about this trip: 1) having a bizarre, alcohol- and chili burger-induced nightmare the first […]

actual sunshine

chris brought to my attention today that i poured the cynicism on a little thick in my earlier post. fair enough – i did feel like a brooding bessy that day. but, i didn’t intend for that post to belie just how happy i am with how things are going right now. basically, i feel […]

oh so close to finally getting all of the photos from the philippines online. sorting through all 1600 original photos was like sitting through a colorful, but still intensely repetitive assembly line. what doesn’t help is my habit of taking two or three photos for every single shot i want (made necessary by my lousy […]


like clockwork, my annual quarter-life crisis strikes each spring. daylight savings just gets my existential juices flowing. this time, i thought i’d worry about skating to where the puck is going to be; instead of grieving over what i’m doing with my life in the present, i’d worry about what’s going to happen to me […]

clearing the desk

lots of stuff i’ve wanted to mention, but don’t individually muster sufficient activation energy for me to post. inspired by my trip back to the philippines, i learned how to cook one of my favorite filipino dishes over the weekend: chicken adobo. for those of you unfamiliar with it, adobo is the quintessential filipino poultry […]

because its journalists – even those covering business misdealings – don’t see creative writing and news reporting as mutually exclusive disciplines: “Like worms that surface after a torrential rain, revelations that emerge when an asset bubble bursts are often unattractive, involving dubious industry practices and even fraud.” [crisis looms in mortgages] for further tutorials in […]

quid pro quo

just finished installing palm’s software that lets my antique sony clie play nice with my mac. only took 2 hours of my time and the incidental deletion of my desktop and all of its files and folders.  i can’t recall exactly what was there, but i’m sure it was important; why else would it be […]

back in the usa

purgatory is a real place: it takes about 24 hours to pass through and requires “de-planing” 3 times, checking/collecting luggage twice, and a 15-hour confinement period next to a sweet, but aromatically-challenged old man. (does the biting cold outside of the arrival terminal mean i didn’t go to hell?) so much catching up to do!  […]