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Archive for April, 2007

… at reproducing low-end frequencies?  (and assuming they’re good enough, how good your low frequency hearing is?) i’ve uploaded some files here to give you an idea. although, i guess if you’ve got lousy low-frequency hearing, it’ll be interesting to see if you can still tell how deep your speakers’ bass is.  perhaps you can […]


i spent a lot of time puttering around my grandparents’ house in the philippines, poking into corners and rummaging through bookshelves (i lived there for about 3 weeks in february, earlier this year). one interesting book that turned up was a wacky self-help tome written by a german psychoanalyst around the turn of last century. […]

important date

first day of the year it was warm enough to bike to lab in sandals.

i will admit that i try and glance at the headlines on foxnews at least once a week. a solid chunk of america, i hear, gets their news there; making believe the website doesn’t exist won’t help me understand why half the country thinks the way it does. [and that's what i'd argue is going […]


this blog is like the pony express – it takes about two weeks for news to get communicated. for instance, i’m finally going to post some photos i took from the passover seder christina and i crashed at the beginning of april. aside from getting to see our friends and pigging out on unleavened bread, […]

back up!

so my server took a bit of a vacation the last week or so. last friday, i decided to try and earn my yellow belt in linux administration as i migrated my filesystem to a raid 1 configuration. [damn you newegg and your cheap hard drive deals!!] i figured that although i do regular backups […]

going green

shown to me by a fellow grad student this morning: 1) pamphlet advertising a new energy campaign at mit: “do it in the dark.” 1) green fluorescent condom, packaged in black plastic and a big white font that read, “now glows in the dark!” according to the handout, if everyone at mit had sex in […]

boston sunset

i’m going to try and post more photos here, even though i’ve been pretty lousy about it lately. here’s a neat one i took last weekend over near watertown in the late afternoon. things i’m trying to do: 1) capture a diagonal [roof, clouds]- a book i’ve been reading about photo composition stresses that strong […]


the second year of grad school is the best thing that has ever happened to my body. for one thing, unlike undergrad, i sleep now. a lot. without 9am classes anymore, i’m able to get 8 hours of sleep a night. who knew you could say good morning with any sincerity? i’ve also finally been […]