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… at reproducing low-end frequencies?  (and assuming they’re good enough, how good your low frequency hearing is?)

i’ve uploaded some files here to give you an idea.

although, i guess if you’ve got lousy low-frequency hearing, it’ll be interesting to see if you can still tell how deep your speakers’ bass is.  perhaps you can just watch and see if the joists in your ceiling begin to loosen.

[ideally, both you and your speakers should be getting down to 20 Hz.]

[and yes, i have sold out and stuck ads on the "tricks" half of my blog. according to my server logs, those pages get loaded over 30,000 times a month.  i'm curious to see if the handful of adsense ads on those pages generate enough revenue to at least pay for my internet service. so feel free to click around on those ads :) ]

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