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christina’s birthday was on april 22nd. since she had midterms the following week, we kept things pretty low-key that day. however, we did celebrate in true filipino fashion: we had a breakfast of canned-meats and rice. (spam, corned beef, vienna sausage … say these words aloud to some filipinos and you’ll be accused of trying to talk dirty to them. for reasons i’ve still to determine, filipinos just cannot get enough of processed meats; for instance, filipino student unions on campuses will often have canned meat dinners. delicious!)

an illustration of a filipina and the joy corned beef elicits:

christina & corned beef

i wanted to note also something i’ve learned today while playing with aperture and poorly shot photos that are way out of focus:

christina out of focus

increase contrast and send to black & white, and you can still salvage the shot!

christina in black and white

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